Tutor Games: About Us

Tutor Games is a small business dedicated to providing a welcoming and educational gaming environment with high quality services and engagement. Though we are located in Tampa, Florida we hope to be your first choice of game providers. We will be working diligently to reach anyone interested in enjoying classic board games, board games for families, and trading card games.

Tutor Team

Dwight Kilgore

Legal & Project Coordination Manager (Augur)

In addition to managing Tutor Games legal and tax considerations, Dwight coordinates and advises the entire Tutor Team. Dwight’s education, work, and business experience makes him uniquely qualified to help guide our team in making decisions that best fit the Tutor Games vision. From conception to completion, Dwight ensures that the team stays motivated and remembers to have fun while doing it.

Dwight’s favorite aspect of table top and hobby games is the opportunities they give him to express his creativity and explore his love of adventure.


Steven Sanchez

Knowledge & Product Manager (Source)

Steven is our product area specialist. His extensive knowledge of hobby games and supplies is unmatched within the management team, suitably designating him Tutor Games’ Source. Steven is a vital resource in deciding what product Tutor Games carries and helping identify the populations we want to serve.

Steven is an avid player of the Magic variant Elder Dragon Highlander, now known as Commander, and plays any and all board games he can get a hold of.


Leslie Chin

Art & Graphics Manager (Curatress)

With education and experience in game art and design, Leslie is our resident artist. Designing and creating comics and graphics, Leslie works hard to bring Tutor Games style to life. Leslie’s eye for artistic style and design helps to visually convey Tutor Games personality and create our own unique environment.

Leslie is not only an imaginative tabletop player, she also brings her imagination to life through Live Action RolePlay (LARP) with the Society for Creative Anachronisms (SCA).


Emily Maines

Promotion & Design Manager (Illuminatrix)

Emily’s responsibilities include creating the design and image for Tutor Games, as well as production of promotional campaigns and materials. Recent experiences working for Fusion Marketing, traveling to promote Malibu Rum, have bolstered Emily’s talents for marketing and promotion.

Emily’s key vision for Tutor Games is to reach out to people and help them unplug and connect with family and friends through tabletop and hobby games.


Sarah Rowe

Digital Marketing & Media Production Manager (Crier)

Sarah works diligently to maintain Tutor Games’ online presence. She coordinates with all team members to conceive and create entertaining visuals and content that appeal to and captivate the community. Connecting Tutor Games to its audience and presenting our vision to the public.
Sarah hopes to see Tutor Games help people to connect and form a community full of self expression and camaraderie.
Kyle Brandt
Bookkeeping & Sales Manager (Ducateer)

While making sure all transactions are properly recorded, Kyle is also our logistics specialist. Considering all aspects of any Tutor Games venture, to create the most positive experiences for our customers as well as within the business.