About Us

Tutor Games is your online board game retailer, supporting healthy minds through play. Tutor Games finds the best and most innovative board games with a focus on life skills, collaboration, narrative role play, and computational thinking. As a small business retailer started by friends for friends, Tutor Games knows what it is to take on fun challenges as a team. That's why you are always encouraged to discover, play, and belong.


My game arrived WAY before the estimated delivery date, and I was so happy to see a REAL INVOICE inside! That is rare these days. Great transaction -- thanks.

Thanks Tutor Games!!! My shipment came as promised.I anticipate doing more business with your company.

Tamara K.

Great bunch of folks and awesome customer service! I will use them again!

Denise C.

Super cool company. I went to one of the game nights and I thought it would be kinda odd elitist nerd guys. Totally wasn't! Super friendly people from all walks of life very inviting and newby friendly. Great alternative for some weekend fun.

Kyle K.

Awesome Company and great people! The games are great quality and really are really diverse. #LongLiveTutorGames

Juan J.