This is why you need more board games in your life.

This is why you need more board games in your life.

As a board game salesman I often ask myself questions about the industry that are kind of unique.  But recently I asked “Why does every family in America need a board game collection?”. This is an important question because I never wanted to be the kind salesman that takes advantage of people.  And though no one will ever starve or go blind if they don’t have a good board game collection, games are an often an overlooked part of having a happy and fulfilling life.

You need to be happy

I think most people have happy memories of playing  board games as a child. For me these great memories of quality time spent with my mom and dad are priceless.  I learned that losing a game doesn't mean losing friends or the love of family members. Games help build connections with people that a stronger than the benefits of achievement and this is the most important thing in life, after all love is the reason the universe was created.

You need to unplug

Sometimes unplugging seems like the last thing we want to do, but many studies have shown negative effects of too much screen time.  Having electronic free time gives your brain the chance to reboot and continue normal and balanced emotional functions. How does this work, you might ask, check my previous blog Unplug your brain.    


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You need to socialize

To often we hear about someone on the news that became so secluded that they were pushed to a point of desperation.  This doesn’t happen in some cabin in the woods, but in populated cities. Social media has fooled us all into thinking that following someone is just as good as being with them, but we know in our heart of hearts this just isn’t true.  Board games are a great structured activity to help break the ice and really enjoy other peoples’ company, because sometimes it’s just hard to spark up conversation and interaction for no reason.


You need diversion

Having a robust game collection will also prepare you for situations where you are thrown back into the stone age.  It might be a power outage or a nature retreat. Either way no one needs to be miserable just because electricity is unavailable.  I live in Florida and every hurricane season comes around and leaves hundreds of homes without power. Board games are a great way to pass the time even in hard situations.   

Again I’m a board game salesman, but I do believe that every home needs a good collection of board games not because they will help you survive this world but because the will help you truly live in it.  Next time you see a game you are interested in, don’t let new rules, or even price tags, shut down your adventurous spirit. Buy that game and find out what you are missing. It will be yours forever and so will all the memories it brings.

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