Fresh Look Into Board Games: May Edition.

Fresh Look Into Board Games: May Edition.

We want to catch you up on some board game expansions and deals that are coming out soon! 

Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid

Tutor GamesTutor Games

MSRP: $90.00
Our Price: $67.50

Power Rangers Heroes of the Grid is out.  Check out this co-op area control game to save Angel Grove.  

Several game expansions have already been released for the highly successful Kickstarter project. Try the Shattered Grid expansion or Villain pack 1.  The Order the deluxe Megazord, and Cyclopsis figures as well as custom dice.

“Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid is a co-operative board game for 2-5 players that challenges your team to save Angel Grove from Rita Repulsas evil army of monsters. Work together to fight off the incoming horde while building up your strength to protect the city from the most dangerous monsters in the universe! Prepare for your destiny. It’s Morphin Time!”

Viticulture Essential Edition

MSRP: $60.00
Our Price: $46.73
Available: early May

Viticulture is back. This genre defining worker placement game is a must have for any game collection. The essentials edition is loaded with all the best parts of the original game and its expansions.   

“Viticulture Is A Worker-Placement Game Set In The Foothills Of Tuscany. The Essential Edition Includes The Second Edition Of Viticulture Along With Several Elements From The Original Tuscany Expansion Pack, Hand-Picked By Famed Designer Uwe Rosenberg.”

Reavers of Midgard

MSRP: $69.99
Our Price: $52.49
Available on:  08/29/2019
*Shipping dates may vary

Return to Midgard with Reavers of Midgard. This worker placement game is peppered with additional fun mechanics and heart pounding adventure encounters. Discover the power of the Reaves.  Use these new leaders to rally your troops and avoid rebellion.  

“Reavers of Midgard is a single worker placement game with elements of set collection, dice combat and engine building set in the Champions of Midgard universe. In Champions of Midgard, your quest was to become Jarl. You battled back the trolls, draugr and some of the epic monsters that once threatened the sanctity of your humble port town. Now it's time to go on the offensive. In Reavers of Midgard, you'll be looking to gain glory by raiding nearby villages for their riches, sacking well-fortified castles and battling both man and monster on the open seas. You'll not only need to take your rowdy crew of vikings and the food needed to keep them happy along for the ride but you'll also have to recruit a crew of elite warriors - the Reavers. Reavers can be used in three different ways. They can be made your ship's leader, earning you a one-time bonus and enabling your warriors to be more versatile in combat. They can also be used to rally more warriors to your cause, filling your ship to the brim with the right fighters for the right situations. Finally, they can also be used to help your crew specialize, earning you a bonus every time your crew sails into battle. Whoever can earn the most glory after six rounds will be the winner.”

The Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet

Tutor Games

MSRP: $49.99
Our Price: $37.50
Available on: 06/01/2019

Keep the adventure going in this Sequel to the Sequel.  After the crew survives a nerve fraying battle with alien spaceships, they escape prison on a strange world, and are now searching for rare artifacts, and fighting for their lives in The Captain is Dead: Dangerous Planet.

Start the previous chapter with The Captain is Dead: Lockdown  

“After escaping from the alien prison, the crew was assigned a new captain and a new mission: to locate artifacts on a dangerous planet within the alien empire. However, just as the away team stepped out of the shuttle, a giant alien bug swooped down and bit off the captains head! As the intrepid crew, you must use your various skills to venture deep into the ancient tunnels and discover the alien artifacts. Will you be able to collect enough artifacts to unlock the alien technology before you are overwhelmed by swarms of bugs?”


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