Fresh Look into board games: February edition.

Fresh Look into board games: February edition.

Interested in some new games?  Check out the releases for this month.  If you missed the Kickstarters or just wanted to see the final products before buying, your opportunity has finally arrived.  Check out these three games that caught our eye. Comment what you think of our picks. What other games should have been included in our list.

Revolution of 1828

Tutor Games Revolution of 1828

In this game you will recreate the epic struggle between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson for the U.S. presidency.  This presidential race is considered the first smear campaign and is therefore brimming with the things you love to hate about politics.  Use your smear tactics and influence to gain the favor of the populace. And become the nation’s seventh president.

Planet Apocalypse 

Tutor Games Planet Apocalypse

There are not many fun co-op games out there, but this one really catches our eye. From the detailed miniatures, to the intense gameplay, Planet Apocalypse catches us by surprise. Players take a stand and confront hoards of monsters from Hell in a post-apocalyptic world crafted by Sandy Petersen, a best-known in his key roles behind the video game Doom in 1993 and Cthulhu Wars in 2015.

Black Skull Island 

Tutor Games Black Skull Island

Check out Black Skull Island as it comes to the market this month.  As a pirate at Black Skull Island you will be using the powers of your pirates to gain seven treasure cards. At the end of the game the player with the most gold wins. This game plays up to nine players and is good for ages 8 and up.


Any of these board games peaked your interest? Please let us know! Shoot us a message so we can get it to your doorstep.

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