Fresh Look Into Board Games: April Edition.

Fresh Look Into Board Games: April Edition.

We want to catch you up on some expansions and deals you may have missed! 

Adrenaline DLC (expansion)

MSRP: $29.95
TG Price: $22.46


The expansion to Adrenaline the first person shooter game is available for special order.  

Enjoy new more streamlined play.  Take advantage of new scoring systems that give merit to concentrated fire and sophisticated strikes.  

“The Adrenaline: Team Play DLC expansion allows you to add a sixth player to the Adrenaline Deathmatch mayhem. It introduces character-specific weapons and abilities, bringing new effects and experiences to the game.”



Wardlings - Painted RPG figurines (Renegade and Wizkidz)

MSRP: $7.99
TG Price: $6.51
Available 05/15/2019


Wizkids and Renegade games team up to bring this new figures to the tabletop RPG world of D&D’s 5th edition.  This series of figurines are child hero’s battling with the fleeting spirit of youth in their hearts.

Brand new pre-painted minis come with included backstories to explore enchanting new worlds.  Find your character in Wave 1 or Wave 2 then special order today.

“Each young adventurer comes pre-painted, fully assembled, and packaged with their designated companion, who will support them through thick and thin.”


Cabo 2nd edition (Bezier)

MSRP: $12.95
TG Price: $9.71
Available 04/17/2019


Special order Cabo! This hand discard game play is almost like Uno, but with a few more tricks. In this second edition copy enhance your strategies to be the player with the fewest cards in hand when the game ends.  Oh yeah, be sure to keep and eye out for Unicorns!

“Spy, swap, and peek to find CABO the unicorn in this fun, addictive, and simple card game. The player with the lowest total wins; can you shed your cards quicker than your opponents?”

Rick and Morty: Look Who's Purging Now

MSRP: $15.00
TG Price:  $11.33


Join Rick and Morty from the popular TV series.  Remember that episode- that’s right the purge one. Special order your copy now to try new card mechanics and live that mayhem!

“Get ready to unleash your purging instincts with Rick and Morty as you fight to survive the annual purge festival on an alien planet. Play your cards right and you'll make it out alive! Based on the popular episode of the TV show, Rick and Morty: The Look Who’s Purging Now Card Game utilizes Cryptozoic’s new GRYPHON card game engine to deliver game play that unfolds at lightning speed and is easy to learn.”

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