Don't buy games you don't like

Don't buy games you don't like

Happy holidays!!!

It’s December again and hopefully you are not bogged down by the holiday stress.  If you are like us at Tutor Games you always want to be sure that the games you pick for people are the right choice, but how can you be sure.  It would sure be nice if you could know how to play a game before you buy it.

Fortunately you don’t need to buy a game or track down a copy and play it through before you have a good idea what it is about.  

Here are the 2 best ways to learn about a game before you buy it, including how to set up and how to play.  


Youtubers :

don't buy games you don't like

You may know that Tutor Games Online is the youtube channel where we do reviews and How To’s. But we can’t play all the games all the time.  This is why we sometime turn to other well known youtubers for help.

Professional and sometimes not so professional youtubers do a great job with breaking down the rules for a wide variety of games. One of our favorite local channels is Danny and Derek do Board Games

Board Game producers often make partnerships with Channels like Danny and Derek’s including Watch It Played, Gameboy Geek and The Rules Girl to help promote and explain new games a Zero cost to you.  

Each of these channels provide a unique look into Board Games. If you are looking for a good review for a game your interested in it’s probably out there.

Manules / Rulesbooks:

don't buy games you don't like, tutor games

Board Game Reviews are great, but sometime it’s hard to sum up a 90 minute game in 5-10 minutes.At this point go straight to the source. 

Most games you will play are printed by a publishing company looking through the publishers site may give you access to a downloadable copy of the rule book as well as more review videos that you may not have seen.  These are the best because you can search the text and do other cool computer things


Rulebooks provide in-depth instructions and more detail than videos can reasonable provide. In modern board games there are sometime several different game play versions that are only described in rulebooks. Including two player and single player variants.


They will often give you a better breakdown of components and set-up so will know whether a game has too many parts for your liking.  


It may take a bit more time but It is always worth taking a look at the rulebook to get a better idea of what you are about to buy.   


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