5 ways to protect your games

5 ways to protect your games

So you just bought your new game from Tutor Games.  Now it’s time to invite your clumsy friends over to play it.

How do you protect your game from greasy potato chip fingers, the dreaded spill, and, the silent killer of games, condensation?

Well we can’t eliminate all the risk, but here are 5 things we’ve tried that will help protect your precious games.  



This is a tried and true solution to water rings and sweaty glasses.  Setting cards or boards down in a puddle can ruin game play time by marking cards or warping game boards. It can also be done on the cheap though it won't solve spills and requires participation from all players.

5 ways to protect blog tutor games

Card sleeves:

There’s nothing better for protecting cards. High quality sleeves will keep cards from fraying and dry through almost anything. There are sleeves for almost every sized card but we recommend our KMC sleeves for standard and Japanese sizes cards which are very common.

5 ways to protect blog tutor games

Play Mats:

This is a solution that we have tried and find to pair well at protecting main boards and player boards cards.  They keep games off the table and far away from spills in case of an unfortunate mishap.

5 ways to protect blog tutor games

Glass covering:

A sturdy sheet of beveled glass will cover most main boards and allow you to continue playing without worrying about chip dip or sweaty glasses that may find their way onto your game board. This is particularly good for large boards or construct boards like Settlers of Catan

5 ways to protect blog tutor games

Water repellent spray:

This is a more experimental approach. Sometimes glass sheets and mats are just to bulky, but a quick spray from an all purpose water repellent for shoes or fabric will help keep spills out of your mind so you can stay in the game.

5 ways to protect blog tutor games


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