Sleeping Gods (Pre-Order)

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In Sleeping Gods legacy game find out how the story ends. In 1929, the steamship The Manticore was on its way to New York City when it was hit by a terrible storm. When the storm passed, the crew found themselves lost in strange seas with unfamiliar stars overhead. Take control of the crew, alone or with friends, and explore an open world with an atlas, over 400 unique cards, and a storybook with thousands of possible choices in your quest to find enough totems to wake the gods so that they’ll send you home. Use your captain to level up your crew, your ship, and explore this strange new world. Take one of your seven actions to, buy abilities, draw events cards, and earn new helpful characters in this co-op, engine building, adventure game. 

Age: 13+

Players: 1-4

Play time: 1-20 hrs. (Can Be Saved Any Time)