Munchkin Pathfinder

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Ages: 12+ (10+ in mixed group)

Players 3-6

Play time: 90 min.

Munchkin Pathfinder is a Card gather, and bartering game.  Each player is seeking to advance themselves to level 10 before anyone else does.  You will start the game with a hand of cards, each of which can be used to give your "character" attributes such as a class, a sex, a special item, or a means to go up one level.  Each turn players explore an imaginary dungeon in the universe of Pathfinder.  The dungeon is represented by a deck of random cards with different situations and monsters on it.  Players may choose to handle situations alone or barter with other players for help.  Each time a situation or monster is defeated players collect a reward to help them purchase or gain another level.  Be sure to continue upgrading your character and keep your friends close, as they may be the key to the illusive level 10 status.

Designed By: Steve Jackson, Andrew Hackarad