Ultimate Werewolf

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Ages: 13+ (8+ in mixed group)

Players 5-30

Play time: 60 min.

Ultimate Werewolf is a party style, bluffing game.  In this game players are 16th century villagers trying to discover the Werewolves in their midst.  To start each player is dealt a single card with a role on it. The game progresses in sets of two rounds called "Day" and "Night".  During the night the players that possess the Werewolf cards awake and silently conspire to eliminate a villager.  During the day players with villager cards convene to bring justice to the hidden Werewolves with a majority vote. Be cautious as the hidden wolves may seek to frame villagers with false accusations. The game ends when all the Werewolves are eliminated, or the wolves have sufficiently culled the villagers, according to the number of players.  

This version includes several special villager and Werewolf cards, that give players abilities to make thing more interesting. You can possibly gain immunity or eliminate two villagers at once.

Designed by: Ted Alspach