Letters to Santa

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Ages: 10+ (8+ in mixed group)

Players 2-4

Play time: 20 min.


Letter to Santa is Holiday spin off of the popular Love Letter game. Players are trying to get there letter to Santa or as close as they can before Christmas.  Each player starts the game with a single card representing a member of the North Pole staff.  On each players turn they draw a card and discard a card using the cards ability, which will help them eliminate other players from the game. Be careful the willy Krampus is also lurking to dash your Christmas dreams. The game ends when the deck of cards is exhausted or all other players are eliminated.  The player with the highest ranking member of Santa's staff is the winner. This game is played in 10-20 minutes and can be extended by using the provided victory cubes. Players can replay the game until a single player reaches the predetermined amount of victory cubes.  

This is a great Gateway game, or quick filler game to kill time for your gaming group.  

Designed by: Seiji Kanai